October 26th, 2006

As related by one of Gracie’s pre-school teachers:

CHILD 1: My daddy’s in Heaven.

CHILD 2: My grandpa’s in Heaven.

GRACIE: My grandpa’s in China!

Art Linkletter, eat your heart out.

For My Athletic Sister

October 3rd, 2006

NPR on “Chi Running.”

Worth looking into?

Preview of Coming Attractions

October 3rd, 2006


Making a Contribution

October 3rd, 2006

So imagine Jen’s surprise when she’s reading this week’s copy of Soap Opera Digest and she comes across a link to one of her interviews!


The editors obviously have no clue how to shorten URLs, but fortunately you only have to click this link.

And just in case you’re the type who can’t get enough of insightful interviews with television pioneers (and who isn’t?), we’ve created a page listing all the interviews Jen has conducted, plus all the ones for which she did the background research.

Our Tivo “Season Pass” List

October 3rd, 2006


  1. Lost
  2. Grey’s Anatomy
  3. Amazing Race 10
  4. Desperate Housewives
  5. The Office
  6. My Name Is Earl
  7. The Daily Show
  8. The Colbert Report
  9. College Gameday
  10. Trojan Rewind


  1. Heroes
  2. The Nine
  3. Friday Night Lights
  4. Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip

Wow…that seems like a lot of TV, doesn’t it? I honestly don’t see how more than one of the probationary shows can work its way into the regular rotation, even though we really like what we’ve seen of both Heroes and Studio 60, and I really want to like The Nine.

Weekend Update

October 1st, 2006


Saturday morning we returned to Burbank to host a playdate with Pooter’s old gang. A good time was had by all, but it was even more special for Leah, who was celebrating her first birthday.


After the playdate, we returned home to watch the football game and have some pizza with Gigi and Papa. It was a nailbiter (something we Trojan fans aren’t used to), but we pulled it out in the end, 28-22, over Washington State. That brings the Trojans’ streaks to:

  • 36 straight regular-season wins
  • 25 straight Pac-10 wins
  • 17 straight road wins

After the game, Coach Pete delivered a bit of level-headed wisdom to those spoiled fans who are prone to panic everytime we don’t win by 30:

“This is a program that needs experiences to learn from and to grow and we’re getting challenged… The conference is stout and we’re fighting our tails off.”

Below, we see Freshman safety Taylor Mayes picking off Wazzoo QB Alex Brink to end the game:



Sunday morning Jen and Tiari took Pooter and Devanae Mickey’s Magic Show at the Kodak Theatre in Hollywood, where they met up with the whole Audette clan (Jon, Jen, Becca, and Emma) plus a couple dozen other members of the Burbank playgroup.

Camera-Phone Quick Draw

September 27th, 2006

I hate my commute, but I have to admit that I do see some interesting things along the way. Here are a few I’ve been able to capture with my camera-phone in last month or so…

Proof that my favorite beer has finally made it to the Southern California market!

Two views of a 2006 Mercedes-Benz SLR. This car costs about $450,000!!!

Striking black-on-red 1966 Mustang “resto-mod.”

Brand-spanking-new Ferrari F430 on a flatbed tow truck; probably being delivered to her new owner. This car has been described as “the greatest Ferrari ever,” and you can buy two of them for less than the cost of that Mercedes SLR, with change left over for gas and insurance.

I kept expecting a dozen guys in dark blue tactical gear to jump out with M-16s at the ready…

Yellow Ferrari F355 Berlinetta. This guy was driving like a major ****. I think it’s quite likely that his car will soon be featured on this web site: http://www.wreckedexotics.com/355/

Watching. And Waiting. Patiently…

September 26th, 2006

From the L.A. Times:

Data on Homes Cause Jitters

…Goldman Sachs estimates that the housing sector nationwide could shed 1.5 million to 2 million jobs over the next several years as the industry retrenches. The result could be to reduce total U.S. employment growth to a monthly average of 100,000 jobs in 2007, from an average of 150,000 a month over the last three years, the firm said.

Direct employment in real-estate-related industries is just part of the equation when measuring the sector’s influence on the economy. There also is the so-called wealth effect that housing prices have on consumers’ spending.

Rocketing home prices over the last decade provided many Americans with an income windfall, either from the outright sales of houses at a profit or from mortgage refinancings or credit lines that allowed homeowners to cash in some of their accumulated equity.

A study coauthored by then-Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan last year estimated that mortgage-equity withdrawals tied to surging real estate values added $600 billion to consumers’ disposable income in 2004 alone, making up about 7% of the total that year…

(full story)

Old Friends

September 24th, 2006

Gracie poses with Nadia — one or her best friends from Horace Mann.

Pooter and Nadia pose at the end of their playdate.

Pinot Noir and Lamb

September 24th, 2006

The L.A. Times reports on the newest trend in organic wine-making: Olde English Miniature Babydoll Southdown Sheep.

They're too short to eat the grapes!