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Saturday, June 27th, 2009
Gracie and Chloe

Gracie and Chloe

You will be missed.

Thursday, March 12th, 2009
Portrait of a Fred-the-Cat

Portrait of a Fred-the-Cat

Almost 15 years ago, in July of 1994, we responded to an ad on the Internet proclaiming, “Kitties need a home“, and thus became the new “parents” of Archie and Veronica.

Although Nonnie was described in the ad as “the precocious one”, it was Archie who quickly proved to be the most outgoing, inquisitive, and entertaining of the two. No visitor to our home ever left without having made friends with Archie.

Today we are greatly saddened to report that, after a long illness, Archie is no longer with us. He will be missed, greatly.

Raiding the Cellar

Saturday, December 27th, 2008

For My Athletic Sister

Tuesday, October 3rd, 2006

NPR on “Chi Running.”

Worth looking into?

Weekend Update

Sunday, October 1st, 2006


Saturday morning we returned to Burbank to host a playdate with Pooter’s old gang. A good time was had by all, but it was even more special for Leah, who was celebrating her first birthday.


After the playdate, we returned home to watch the football game and have some pizza with Gigi and Papa. It was a nailbiter (something we Trojan fans aren’t used to), but we pulled it out in the end, 28-22, over Washington State. That brings the Trojans’ streaks to:

  • 36 straight regular-season wins
  • 25 straight Pac-10 wins
  • 17 straight road wins

After the game, Coach Pete delivered a bit of level-headed wisdom to those spoiled fans who are prone to panic everytime we don’t win by 30:

“This is a program that needs experiences to learn from and to grow and we’re getting challenged… The conference is stout and we’re fighting our tails off.”

Below, we see Freshman safety Taylor Mayes picking off Wazzoo QB Alex Brink to end the game:



Sunday morning Jen and Tiari took Pooter and Devanae Mickey’s Magic Show at the Kodak Theatre in Hollywood, where they met up with the whole Audette clan (Jon, Jen, Becca, and Emma) plus a couple dozen other members of the Burbank playgroup.