Gracie’s Market List



Gracie recently wrote out this market list in the back of the car on the way to school. I helped her with some ideas on what items to include, but the rest (including the spelling) was all her!

Translated, it reads:

My Market List

â–¢ Kumquats
â–¢ Rutabagas
â–¢ Bunches of bananas
â–¢ Pancakes
â–¢ Cupcakes
â–¢ Bubble-gum-flavored oatmeal
â–¢ Dog food*
â–¢ Lots of wine
â–¢ Catnip for Nonny
â–¢ Sushi
â–¢ Tomato
â–¢ Rainbow-colored marshmallows
â–¢ Strawberry

*Here I told her to add “Giraffe food” to the list, but she said we didn’t have one…

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